Ahrefs: Should You Get It?

Choosing the right SEO software is essential for any online marketer because it helps you choose the right topics to target, and draw traffic to your website.

Let’s look at Ahrefs, a powerful and well-rounded SEO software that is a vital for many digital marketing professionals.

Ahrefs advantage is its backlinks database

The key to Ahrefs benefit over other SEO software is its vast crawling ability, which allows Ahrefs to deliver accurate SEO metrics by crawling through its vast backlinks network.

In my experience, Ahrefs has probably the most extensive backlinks crawler than any other SEO tools. It is my number 1 go-to software for backlink analysis.

An all-in-one tool

Most other SEO tools are standalone software. They only have a single-function, which means you need to get multiple tools to get a complete marketing insight on your niche.

Ahrefs is different as it has expanded functionalities. Including its signature backlinks crawler, Ahrefscomes with an array of useful tools including:

  • Rank Tracker (which helps to track your targeted keywords)
  • A full featured Site Explorer (where you can find in-depth data on a website)
  • Content Explorer (which lets you search for trending topics and influencers)
  • SERP Explorer (get insights into search engine rank positions and competitions)

Having an all-in-one SEO software means I don’t need to buy multiple tools and subscriptions when subscribing only to Ahref can perform the same tasks.

It’s possibly the only SEO software that you’ll need.

Should you get Ahrefs?

If you are serious about SEO for your business, whether as a marketing executive or an entrepreneur, you should get Ahrefs.

Ahrefs comes in 4 different price tiers from $99 to $999 per month, depending on your business needs.

Unfortunately there are no yearly plan at a discounted rate. Even at $99 it can be a considerable investment for any small business.

If you can overlook this high entry cost and invest in Ahrefs, the growth of your business would be a satisfying reward.