Keyword Revealer: Can It Replace Long Tail Pro?

If your business is heavily focused on marketing niche sites, then you know the importance of longtail keywords in SEO.

While Long Tail Pro was the only Keyword research tool available for years, there’s other options now, including the ever popular –  Keyword Revealer


Can Keyword Revealer finally unseat Long Tail Pro as the top longtail keyword tool? Let’s find out.

Great for users with multiple devices

Unlike Long Tail Pro, Keyword Revealer is an entirelyweb-based app. This means you can fire up Keyword Revealer from any computer regardless if it’s a Mac or Windows device.

Keyword Revealer Review

This feature is useful for me as I can simply access Keyword revealer from any web browser.

Download in one click

Keyword Revealer lets you download the entire list of keywords in a single click, unlike Long Tail Pro. Your list can then be easily opened in Excel and Google Sheets in a table format. I was glad that it is much easier to download my keywords than Long Tail Pro.

The ease of functionality doesn’t stop there. I like that Keyword Revealerincludes several different types of Google search engines to search for and you don’t need to link your own Google Adwords account whereas Long Tail Pro requires you to signin to Google before each use.

Should you get Keyword Revealer?

While Long Tail Pro offers a free trial and then costs $37 per month (or $27 if you pay yearly), Keyword Revealer offers a free (but very limited) plan with no time limit.

For more features, you can choose between Basic ($9.97 per month), Pro ($27.97 per month), or Elite ($47.97 per month). You can even save up to 40% off your monthly subscription if you pay yearly.

The price advantage of Keyword Revealer means you can save money in the long run compared to Long Tail Pro. If you are looking for a solid and worthy alternative to Long Tail Pro, you should really give Keyword Revealer a try.


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