NameSilo – What we like about Namesilo

Pricing is usually the cheapest for .Com domains.

These also come with FREE Whois Privacy Forever.

Easy to be misled by other registrars offering cheap domains, to find you have to pay extra for privacy. Others give complimentary privacy, but only for the first 12 months. This means you com to renew a domain and instead of it costing $10 to renew, you’ve got 25-30% on top to maintain your privacy settings.

Good Honest Pricing;

We like that they are open about their pricing structure, you’re not getting hit by additional fees. To check their pricing click here.This shows how their prices compare against other registrars and shows why we use Namesilo for most of our domain registrations.

Special Offers are good;
Like to remind people about their free forever privacy, and also run tempting transfer promotions too.

Great customer service, friendly and helpful.

What Could Be Better

Trade TLDs,.webcam are on offer at $1.89 per year compared to Namecheap at $0.48 per year.

( or full five years for just $5.58 )

Other Products Offered

Domain Parking

You’re able to park and earn, enjoying 100% of any income. “When parking a domain with us, we will publish a mini-site that contains your domain name, relevant content and ads. Anyone who types your domain name into their browser will arrive at your mini-site”

Cost of this = FREE

Domain Defender

Domain Defender to help protect your account and domains from unauthorized access and malicious attacks even if your username and password are compromised. Again this is another free service.

Domain Defender is a free service that offers increased levels of security for your account and protection of your domains, meaning you get notified if any changes are attempted on your domains.

Want to read more about Domain Defender, then click this link.

NameSilo Marketplace Manager

You can buy and sell domains on Namesilo at very competitive rates. This is an easy process and keeps admin record keeping to a minimum. Find more details here.

You can use the Marketplace Manager to manage several things including buying/selling domains within the NameSilo Marketplace and keeping track of marketing and financial information for all of your domains, whether they be registered at NameSilo or any other registrar