AppSumo – Every Day Is Like Black Friday


Black Friday Come Just Once A Year.

With AppSumo  every day is like Black Friday. Yes seriously, the savings are eye watering to say the least.

You see a new software to make appointments, it costs $2k or more. That’s going to possibly put you off buying. However check out App Sumo and you might find the same product as 60% off rrp, 70% off or even more.


You’re choking and spluttering here, maybe calling this bullshit. Hey I kid you not, the savings here are HUGE.

Recently I saw this particular product.  RRP $2028.00  I managed to save 98% as it cost me just $49.00!!!!

Cheapest Software Deals

Plus much more. It’s not just software, there’s a whole bunch of other great savings to be had. Stock photos can be expensive to buy, but not if you’re able to buy them at a great discounted price.

Seriously if you don’t check the savings on here before you buy, you need your head testing.


How Do You Get An Expensive Software Product For The Price Of A Lunch For The Family?

It’s easy to find the cheapest software, just look on AppSumo forst and foremost. But wait there’s even more. There’s also deals on bespoke lifetime licences.

What does this mean? It’s great being a big business and you buy a software that has a licence to run 500 reports a day, but you’re a single man operation and might do 200 reports a month. Here’s the other advantage in that sometimes bespoke deals are offered.

cheapest software deals save you money
cheapest software deals save you money

So imagine this scenario on a software that you like.

Option A is 500 reports a day, access to 5 workers and it’s reduced down to $200 a month from $999 a month.

Yes it’s a good deal, but outside your budget and the features won’t get fully used. So you’re paying for something you’d not get best ROI from.  So a second option is put forward, ideal for the small businss user.

Option B is 25 reports a day, single user access and instead of a monthly payment it’s a time sensitive offer of $250 as a one off payment with lifetime licence.