Servebolt – Is Servebolt the fastest web hosting choice?

As server technology stops getting faster in the past decade, hosting solutions need to revolutionize to keep up with the demands of modern websites.Meanwhile, the majority of users are now mobile with varying connection speeds.

Servebolt aims to change the game, to make web performance issues a thing of the past and to make the internet faster for everyone. Are they successful? Read on to find out.

Power Based Performance

Servebolt is available for a variety of platforms including WordPress, Woocomerce, Drupal, Magento 1.9 and 2.

Servebolt minimizes network latency by using technology usually only present in supercomputers. Running on 100Gbit Infiniband networking, it is 7 times faster than the standard 10Gbit Ethernet.

Futher more, Servebolt also boasts a high availability design which allows live maintenance. This means there would be little to no server downtime. With such blazing-fast internet speeds and little downtime, you can expect excellent website performance with an optimal user experience for all your website visitors.

Extreme Optimization

Servebolt uses a unique approach to website performance.The Servebolt team understands that performance is the sum of optimizations of hardware, software,and networking.

The team is continuously tweaking all the parts to ensure your website has the advantage over competitors. With hardware, software,and networking becoming team players, servers save resources and reduce latency.

How much is Servebolt?

Servebolt currently offers 4 different price tiers, starting from 119 euros ($146) per month. You get 4GB of storage space and 256MB memory limit. The highest tier plan has up to 64GB of storage and 1GB of memory limit at 649 euros ($798). These prices are current at April 2018, but you can check current pricing here.

Although there are currently no shared or cloud server plans available for Servebolt, you are allowed to use Servebolt free trial for as long as you like. Servebolt also guarantees that their servers run faster than others if it isn’t you’ll even get 6 months of hosting for free! If you need blazing-fast web performance, then look no further than Servebolt.