Social Aider Review

Ideal for managing your social media accounts or those of your clients. This is a wonderful and inexpensive tool, which will serve the needs of most people at a price that will put a smile on your face.
Schedule your posts to get maximum exposure, so if your target audience is on the other side of the world, just schedule to get the best results to publish when they are awake. After all it’s pointless posting at 3am their time, in all honesty.

Social Aider Review

What We Like

  • Pricing structure is easy to understand, Select any plan, there is no limit in accessing features.
  • In-Built Image Editor
  • Bulk RSS Scheduling
  • Bulk Upload
  • Video / Image Upload
  • Curated Content
  • Helpful tutorials. There are several of these to help you get used to the platform. From setting up profiles, to adding content and much more. Hey without sounding harsh, this is probably one of the easiest tools I have used.

Post Deletion

Another great aspect. Nothing worse than realising you made a mistake, then need to go back to sort things out. Typo, grammar error, wrong file attached, lots of things can go wrong with a post. Such scenarios require immediate deletion of the post from across all medias, before your audience spots your mistakes. Our 1 click post deletion option will do this for you. 1 click and poof your post is cleared from everywhere!

This is a product priced at well under what it should be, it offers a lot for the price. Want to learn more, then click here for further details. We love this and think that you will do too.