Keysearch Review

I totally love this tool, let’s get this out in the open before you read any further!

Affiliate marketing, local services or just running an online business these all require excellent keywords to enhance rankings and provide search terms to focus on. Finding these keywords is just half the battle. Ability for analyzing& understand your competition is what makes the difference.

Keysearch is a go to tool, I’ve been using ever since it was launched. I was actually involved as a beta tester prior to launch, which is one of the reasons I then went and bought this product.

Like with other keyword tools, you simply start out with a single keyword you input. In this case we used ‘best stroller 2018’.


The program runs and shows straight away results for the chosen keyword, but also a selection of suitable alternatives.

Search Engine Keyword Suggestions

If none of the keyword results shown are jumping off the page, due to your initial keyword you put into the searc not being quite what you actually wanted to look at. There’s the added feature at the bottom of the page called ‘Search Engine Keyword Suggestions’ which offers 8 alternatives to search for instead.

All you need to is click on one of these, the pop up box ask you to confirm if you want to run this search string. Just click ‘ Yes Let’s Do It’ and away you go. If you don’t want to run it, just click, ‘ No Cancel Pls.’ which will take you back to the page you were on.

More Than Just A Keyword Tool

Keysearch offers so much more than just researching keywords.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Bulk Competition Analysis
  3. Rank Tracking
  4. Data Management/Reporting
  5. YouTube Research


  • $17 for the Starter  or $34 a month for the Pro Packages on monthly service.
  • Paying annually reduces these to $169 and $279 respectively


Another great reason to buy this awesome product is a discount!