ZenMate – Join 38 Million Users

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If the sheer fact that over 38 Million people across the globe use ZenMate does not impress you, this is a concern. Of course I’m joking, it’s not really a concern but the numbers do speak for themselves. What should be a concern though is choosing not to use a VPN and having people track and see what your browsing habits are, while online. This then is where ZenMate comes into play.

One of the easily recognised brand names when it comes down to VPNs, ZenMate is German through and through, so you know it works and it is reliable.

Why We Like ZenMate

There’s nothing worse than having to travel abroad to discover the tv offering is rubbish and so you need to reply on streams to watch your favourite movies or tv shows. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HULU, Twitch and many more services are easily connected, so you get smooth and continuous streaming.

Easy to install, it is a simple 2 click process and you are up and running. With the largest diversity available that we are aware of, you can run this on 9 platforms. These being; 2 Desktop, 2 mobile, 4 browser and best of all 1 router option.

With 30 server locations offering over 500 servers, there’s plenty to choose from. With up to 5 simultaneous sessions offered, this is more than enough.

Extra Features

  • With ad blocking and also tracker blocking, these are a couple of added benefits offered.
  • German Law means they do not have to reveal data to anyone, so you have that peace of mind. As they don’t keep logs or are obliged to store data, you know you are protected.
  • Security and privacy conscious internet users, for private or business use, this is ideal for you.
  • Anonymous torrenters and downloaders again, this is an affordable platform.